First Blog Series: First Gen Problems



Hi y’all –

Piloting my first short series of blog posts to analyze common transition periods and mental health experiences from the lens of a perspective that’s both personal to me and within my expertise as a mental health professional.

For my first series, these posts will tackle some challenges that could be faced by a person who is a child to immigrant parents. This lens can be also be relatable to adult children with parents that have different values and beliefs, navigating a successful path while avoiding the potholes of Depression, Anxiety, and Doubt; and also, as we affirm our gender, style, and sexuality for ourselves, the process of updating our Instagram, LinkedIn, and maybe the Facebook with your family members on it.


The series is as follows:

American Adult Child: Navigating relationships with your elders while adulting

Can I Be Queer Now?: Exploring what’s normal for you and updating your social media

Anxiety is That Auntie: How anxiety can be like “that auntie” and how we can still love her from a distance

There’s No Kumon For This: Developing and trusting your decision making process


Aiming to get this out on Fridays, starting this Friday 6/14 (eep!). Looking forward to share these blog posts to be resources to everyone, and if there are other aspects of mental health care and wellness you’d like explained and walk through, please let me know here on my website, at my Facebook page, or through my IG @jamydrapezawellness


– Jamy

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