“Once we recognize we can feel deeply, we can love deeply, we can feel joy, then we will demand that all parts of our lives produce that kind of joy.” -Audre Lorde

My name is Jamy Drapeza and I am ready to co-create a therapy space suited to your needs.

Having one on one time with someone to work through your anxieties, increase your mindfulness, and uncover your potential is what I’m here for. My goal is to be all about you.

I utilize several approaches such as strengths-based, cognitive behavioral, trauma-focused, person-focused, feminist, and multicultural therapy. During our consultation call, feel free to let me know if there are practices, rituals, or items you engage with that support your healing and talking processes. I affirm members of all communities, such as: LGBTQ+ folx, formerly incarcerated folx, folx on parole, sex workers, kink-positive folx, consensual non-monogamous folx, members of the kink community, gender non-binary and non-conforming folx, and transgender folx.

Whether this is your first time trying out therapy, you’re trying out different folks for your best fit, or coming back to focusing more on your mental health, I look forward to walking together with you as you’re building your wellness journey.